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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 12:44

Theft of vehicles breaking the glass Makes Persons Arrested

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Two people playing numerous instruments from the bags and valuables in the form of parking in Çorlu district of Tekirdağ was caught by the police chase results .

Tekirdağ news: From prison Yuksel Y.'from captured suspects two months ago that searched the few that and four separate crimes tribunal. According to
information obtained, the county throughout the last week Kazımiye Quarter breaking a large number of the vehicle's windows parked on Ruby Street stealing bags and valuables thieves spent police action. Thereupon Public Security Bureau teams took to examine the Surveillance cameras . When examining all the plates attached to the camera , entering the county system 34 AG 9952 plate car from Istanbul Küçükçekmece was recorded license plate on being stolen .
suspects Ruby took measures on the streets with the arrival of the police reported that on the street . The incident in front of the eyes of the police , the suspects , K. Joy of 34 RUB 44 plate stood beside the car. Thereupon one of the suspects in the car took the bags inside , breaking the rear window. Seeing this, the police officers began to understand that escape vehicle on the track while the suspects followed again. Was closed with all outputs police barricades in the town, began a chase between the thieves and the police.
< Strong> PRISON the ESCAPE has NOT
Environmental path quickly escape to starting the vehicle behind the falling teams entering the Saray way to the top as soon as the faculty he wanted to stop at the gate located in the vehicle . The suspects standing by multiplying the two police vehicles, Y. Yüksel in the vehicle , Sinan Ö., Was defused by deducting from the vehicle immediately. From captured suspects that the 125 Y. Yüksel criminal record and stated that escaped two months before the Silivri Prison. It was also in 2011 that sought to determine Yuksel Y. involving extortion from the event were connected . Other suspects were identified Sinan Ö.'N is well sought in 2 separate crime where 60 criminal record . In search of the vehicle K. Joy of bags was found , one glove and seized a large number of mobile phones. It takes queries of
captured suspects .

Theft of vehicles breaking the glass Makes Persons Arrested" comments for.


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