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SON Dakika

  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 26 Ekim 2014, Pazar 16:25

Tekirdağlı Tekvandocu on'Bonzai No'said

Tekirdağlı Tekvandocu on'Bonzai No'said
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Muratlı tekvandocu in the district of Tekirdağ ,'Bonzai No'organized the march.

Tekirdağ news: Muratlı tekvandocu in the district of Tekirdağ ,'Bonzai No'organized the march. Photo Muratlı group gathered in front of the town hall , walked with placards in their hands no drugs along 100th Street . Press release in front of Atatürk bust at liberty Square Taekwondo teacher Sertaç K. does not Gülersön , the youth the purpose of the collection and threatening the future of the children said that it means stop the drug malady .
Recent years derives from bonzai that into Turkey from 2011 of the malady Gülersön not telling , the fact that the increasing prevalence of synthetic drugs , he said it was very scary. Drug use, age does not Gülersön reminding fall to elementary school children , expressed the seriousness of the situation .
Young people on behalf of Making Money death drag that emphasizes Sertaç not Gülersön , \"the eyes of our children using this malady they provide free one or a few times to familiarize is now happening call them. That the trading business is going well began at that moment . are countless damage to the body of bonzai malady , a synthetic drug . Anybody using it for 2-3 years are now dead . every moment is a high risk of coma and fatal , \"he said . a very against drugs
State said that there is way fight taekwondo instructor does not Gülersön , noting that the main task falls to parents , \"Eye our Nuruyu , we have plug against our son who lives our c attitudes, our media communications and encouraged we establish with them is very important. them against strict , authoritarian, rather than being an oppressive mother father ; understands though , the most accurate and useful activity which nicely channeled to a friend who , let's confidant and friend . Leisure at the beginning we do not know the internet or outside , not in people or places we know , let's encourage them to sports reviews. Bonzai area of our youth and our children's lives and no to any drugs. Do not let our youth be taken away from us , encourage the sport , \"said the statement .

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