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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 14:15

Kani Beko , President of Oz has had Altınok

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Eagle Mayor Op.

İstanbul news: Dr. Altınok visit Extract authorities who Revolutionary Workers Unions Confederation President Kani Beko , President of example , he said a local administrator because of his work essence . Photo Revolutionary Workers Unions Confederation President Kani Beko , Dr. Visited Altınok Extract authorities. Dr. Altınok Self, Vice Gülcemal Fidan and Av. During a meeting Hosni Yeşilyurt also takes place , Turkey Revolutionary Workers Unions Confederation (DISK ) Chairman Kani Beko'yl to , he took office in 2009 he shared activities and projects that have implemented the Eagles since .
Mutual exchange ideas with the last meeting DISK Chairman Kani Beko , President of Oz Altınok said they appreciated the people-oriented project management and wished success new era. Beko , \"President Altınok Self , for example social municipality in the sample project with the direction of unionization of up to subcontractor personnel that move significant headway Eagle significant steps have taken is a local administrator. Mr. President new era in the Eagle ,'first people'based on our belief that will give service with project is full , \"he said . Altınok Photo President Özer , the DISK Chairman Kani thanked expressed his satisfaction with the visit of Beko and said he would continue to work to move further towards becoming Eagle sample districts.

Kani Beko , President of Oz has had Altınok" comments for.


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