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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 14:14

127 Percent Increase in Urban Transformation Search

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Trabzon, located in the center of the Ministry of Environment and Urban Development Call Center ALO 181 149 thousand citizens in the first ten months of searching , he noted that 127 per cent increase compared to last year's Urban Transformation search.

Trabzon news: call it implements to communicate directly with citizens in matters relating to a Photo Ministry of the legislation center, since its establishment in 2013, and is open 24 hours a day.
Environment and Urbanization line 133 thousand 985 people receive information, 11 thousand 853 people complained , 3 thousand 171 people phoned in to make a notification . Incoming calls to the call center 76 thousand in 40 municipalities and provincial administrations has created issues relating to private interests.
ALO 181 calls made 38 thousand 628 was about Urban Transformation . Compared to the same period last year it was 127 percent increase in the average monthly call Urban Regeneration said. The Urban Transformation in the center of the most searched the province of Istanbul , while the urban transformation efforts in spreading Environment and Urban Planning , 90 percent of the public to the spot where the latest prepare the earthquake zone with 81 draws attention to the importance of Urban Transformation in Turkey.
Environmental Management title under the communication line has reached 27 thousand 265 call. ALO 181 from September began to serve as a call center since the Land Registry and Cadastre . September and called on the subject center thousand 282 people in October. ALO 181 denunciations and complaints from the result , a total of 12 million 648 thousand TL in the 13-month period as a result of inspections carried out on the company which is the subject of the complaint fined. Central to the complaint filed in January monthly maximum penalty was applied in Izmir 5 million 576 thousand 416 TL .

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